The Goddesses are figural works which seem to be growing out of the earth. They represent a psychic change in Sorensen’s life, emerging from a time when she felt herself changing and becoming empowered as an artist and a person.

These sculptures are anything but static. As they twist and stretch, these abstracted, elongated female forms represent an ideal of life as a process of continual transformation.
~ Eleanor Heartney, Art Critic and Author

Siren VIII 7.5' x 2' x 1.5'' overall Stoneware
Siren II, Maiden IX 6.5' x 2' x 2' overall, 5.5' x 2' x 2' overall Bronze
Muse Installation Private Collection, Winter Park, Florida 10' x 12' x 8' Bronze
Siren XIII 7.5' x 2.5' x 1.5' overall Stoneware
Sirens Installation, 2002 Shakespeare Theater, Orlando, Florida 7' x 2' x 2' Stoneware & stones
Siren I Private Collection, Aspen, Colorado 7' x 2' x 1.5' overall Bronze
Muse I Detail 7' x 2' x 2' + 18'' base Bronze